Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rahul Gandhi jokes

  • rahul gandhi --> mom, aapaki wajah se meri shaadi nahi ho paaa rahi........ . .......... ......... . sonia gandhi --> kyun beta???????? ???????? rahul gandhi --> har taraf to likha hai ki sonia ko bahumat do

  • Rahul Gandhi claims that peddling a tri-cycle with Vega helmet is more dangerous than flying an aircraft!
  • Rahul Gandhi feels that over-heating of water in geyser is more dangerous than global warming!
  • When RG went to airport he saw the board ‘Airport Left’. He turned around and went home!


  1. If you give RG 25paise for his intelligence, you will get a change back!

  2. I will get 100 paise back

  3. sorry you cannot buy what does not exist.


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